Pricing & Permits

Permits to fish the Novar beats are available directly from the Novar Fishings Partnership. Our minimum booking requirement is 2 rod days e.g. 2 consecutive days for 1 rod or 2 rods for a single day.

Please e-mail us via the enquiries page or telephone on 01349 830606.


We usually invoice electronically, expecting payment by electronic funds transfer or cheque, but we can also take payment by debit/credit card via PayPal.


2018 Pricing
Pricing per rod for the 2018 season is:

  • April 1st to April 30th - £35/day, £210/week
  • May 1st to May 31st - £45/day, £270/week
  • June 1st to June 30th - £50/day, £300/week
  • July 1st to  July 31st - £60/day, £360/week
  • August 1st to August 15th - £70/day, £420/week
  • August 16th to August 31st - £85/day, £510/week
  • September 1st to September 30th - £95/day, £570/week
  • October 1st to October 15th - £85/day, £510/week
  • October 16th to October 31st - £70/day, £420/week


Weeks that straddle two different price bands are charged pro-rata. All pricing is inclusive of VAT.


Online Booking
It is also possible to book fishing on our beats through the FishPal website where there is also an online booking facility. Click below to visit the Novar Fishings page, then select 'Availability / Prices':



Pricing will vary slightly from that offered by the Novar Fishings Partnership.


salmon fishing on the novar fishings, river alness or river averon, ross-shire – tumbling water

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