Novar Fishery Management

The Novar Fishings are managed by a full-time Fishery Manager and a part-time ghillie. In addition, a variety of contractors are employed each spring for repairs, maintenance and improvements.

The Novar Fishings Manager has responsibility for, or is directly involved in the following fishery management practices on the Novar beats:


Angling Management Plan
The Angling Management Plan covers all aspects of exploitation, angling practices, regulations, conservation policy, biosecurity etc.


Access & Fishings Infrastructure

novar fishings, river alness, access road repairs

This includes access roads, bridges, footbridges & catwalks, huts, shelters, seats, access and beat signage etc. The Novar Beats are accessed by an extensive network of Estate tracks, over 8 miles (13km) in total. These fall into two categories; roads accessible by saloon cars (6.8 miles/10.9 km), and roads accessible only by 4 wheel drive vehicles (1.5 miles/2.4 km). There is access to parking areas on each half beat for saloon cars, but 4 wheel drive vehicles are required to access the full length of each beat by vehicle. The different categories of access road are marked on the beat maps provided and there is also appropriate signage on the tracks.

All roads are inspected for washout damage each spring and repairs are made prior to the main salmon runs commencing in late June.

novar fishings, river alness, infrastructure, beat 2 fishing hut

Infrastructure on the Novar beats currently comprises one fishing hut  and one shelter on Beat 1, one fishing hut on Beat 2, two shelters on Beat 3, two shelters on Beat 4 and two more on Beat 5. In addition, there are numerous seats throughout the beats, footbridges, catwalks and fishing platforms on the lower beats, and extensive access and beat signage. There is an ongoing program of improvements to fishings infrastructure each year. More...


Pool & Bank Maintenance
novar fishings, river alness, pool maintenanceA program of pool maintenance is carried out on the Novar beats each spring: fallen trees and log jams are removed from the river and bank side trees, overhanging branches and shrubs pruned. The banks are flailed and then strimmed throughout the entire length of the Novar beats around the last week in June.



Water Resources Management
novar fishings, river alness, loch morie damThe outflow from Loch Morie is controlled by a dam equipped with a fish pass (and gate) and two sluices. These are operated to manage water resources and provide flow regulation, to enable the completions of all life stages of salmonids. Current management practices include: Flow rate and water level monitoring, flow regulation via compensation flow and freshets, and loch level management. More...


Salmon Restocking
novar fishings, river alness, novar salmon hatcheryThe Cromarty Firth Fisheries Board operates a small broodstock and hatchery program to help supplement salmon stocks on the River Alness, and compensate for man-made obstructions, that prevent salmonid access to specific spawning areas.  More...



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