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008 - Reading River Levels

by Novar Fishings Manager - 10:50 on 15 August 2014
River Level Gauges

New for 2014, 5 x new water level gauges have been erected on the Novar beats. They are located at the Junction pool Beat 2 (pictured right), Dalreoch Burn Beat 3, the Hoch pool Beat 4, Lower Robertson Beat 5 & Otter Beat 6.

The depth gauge pictured to the right was photographed with the water level at 'summer low' (zero inches). The gauge is marked with alternate black and yellow bands from zero to 6 in, then alternate black and white bands from 6 in to 1 ft. Markers above that are at 6 inch intervals. Not visible in the photo, but below the water surface, are alternate red and black 1 inch bands denoting water levels below summer low.

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